JP LeBreton

Hello! I’m an independent game creator, funded partly by nice people on the internet. Have a look at what I’m doing here and support me if you’d like to see me to keep doing it.

Before this year I worked at game studios like Irrational, 2K Marin, and Double Fine. I learned a lot and had a hand in some highly regarded games, but since 2007 my ultimate goal has been to make a living as a solo developer: making things only I can make, my own limits the only compromises. I’ve built up many skills over a 15 year career. I’m ready.

My first game is still semi-secret, but I’m doing dev update videos on its progress. Plus the tool I’m making to build it with, Playscii, is open source and you can follow its development. I’ll also release smaller games and things like twitter bots when I need a break from the bigger project! In general I love making things like tools that enable other peoples’ creativity, it’s just as much a part of my mission as making games.

I have other projects on backburner stretching years into the future, but before I can dive into them I need to achieve financial sustainability via some combination of patronage and, once I’ve finished shipped more games, sales on markets like and Steam. If you’d like to help all these things I’m making see the light of day, please consider supporting me on Patreon or making a one-time donation. Thank you!

– JP

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Music | Inverse Phase

Inverse Phase creates covers and original chiptunes for old computer & console hardware like the NES, Sega Genesis and Commodore 64 . These aren’t just tunes created in the style of those relics, these songs can literally be played on the physical consoles they’re written for.

If the bleeps, bloops, worbs, and woobs of old 8- and 16-bit consoles make you swoon, give Inverse Phase a listen.